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    PET Scan In Navi Mumbai:

    Nueclear Healthcare Limited is one of the leading networks of CT and PET Scan centers in Navi Mumbai, providing high quality and affordable PET scans for cancer patients. Nueclear is the first and only brand in India with a national network of over 14 PET scanners. This provides PET scan imaging services using GEDiscovery’s advanced PET scanners.

    What is a PET scan?

    PET scans are a fusion of the two technologies that help identify cancerous tumors with millimeter accuracy and accurately represent the physiology of the disease. You can now get a full-body PET scan at the Nuclear Center. To book a PET scan, just fill out the form and we’ll handle the rest.

    Facilities of PET Scan 

    The Nueclear PET Scan Center uses a variety of highly advanced and specialized equipment to perform scanning procedures by well-trained nuclear medicine doctors and technicians. This ensures that the oncologist’s qualitative interpretation and test results are accurate.

    PET Scan Price in Navi Mumbai

    The PET Scan Cost in Navi Mumbai is Rupees 13,000 at Nuclear center. Our goal is to provide cancer patients nationwide with reliable, high-quality PET scan tests at an unprecedented and affordable cost in the diagnostic industry. If you decide to do a PET scan, the market price is generally high, but Nueclear allows you to use the same test with the highest quality.

    Preparation for a PET Scan

    It is necessary that every individual should follow a few PET Scan instructions while visiting our center.

    1. Reporting should be done one hour prior to the appointment time
    2. Eating or drinking fruit juice, coffee or tea is prohibited for at least 6 hours before your scan, however, drinking water is permitted
    3. Avoid any strenuous physical activity or exercise for 24 hours before the scan
    4. The patient should only be accompanied by an adult. Bringing children or pregnant women as an attendant to the PET-CT center is strictly prohibited
    5. Carry all the documents pertaining to your medical history or any other investigation 
    6. Do not wear or carry any metallic objects, jewelry, or valuables
    7. Avoid consumption of any anti-diabetic medication prior to the scheduled appointment
    8. Inform our staff at Navi Mumbai center if the client is pregnant or breastfeeding

    Location of Nueclear PET Scan center in Navi Mumbai

    Checking for PET CT in Navi Mumbai? You can now visit our Nueclear center in Koparkhairane. The location for our Nueclear PET Scan Center in Koparkhairane is provided below.

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