PET Scan In Nashik - Book @ Rs. 17,000

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  • Served more than 1,50,000+ PET-Scans Pan India
  • Trusted by 10,000+ doctors and 1,000+ oncologists 
  • Blood Tests and CT Scans are also available 

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    PET Scan in Nashik:

    Nueclear Healthcare Limited is the fastest growing PET and CT Scan network in India, that provides highly accurate service of PET Scan in Nashik, for the detection and staging of tumors. The key aim of Nueclear Healthcare Limited Center is to offer PET Scan scans to cancer patients within a short period at a reasonable and cost-effective rate. 

    Book FDG PET Scan 

    Multimodality imaging such as PET helps physicians to make highly accurate cancer diagnoses.  It is now convenient to book a PET scan in Nashik. Our Nashik’s Nueclear PET Center has an easy booking process. Just fill the form and the rest will be taken care of by us. A doctor’s prescription is mandatory for PET Scans

    Facilities of PET Scan 

    Nueclear Healthcare Limited PET center in Nashik is equipped with the most advanced GE Discovery IQ PET scanners, that help in precise detection and characterization of abnormally acting tissue. Our center has highly skilled technologists, that follow essential preventive steps while performing PET scans.

    PET Scan In Nashik

    Nueclear aims to provide the best PET Scan services to every group of individuals. PET Scan Cost in Nashik is Rs. 17,000. The market price of the same test is above Rs. 20,000. Our PET center’s fair rates and patient-centered approach have made it stand out as one of the best diagnostic centers for PET imaging, across different regions and zones in India.

    Preparation for your PET Scan

    Following are the necessary instructions for PET Scan to be followed while visiting our  center in Nashik:

    1. Reporting time should be one hour before the assigned time
    2. For at least 6 hours prior to your scheduled visit, stop consuming or drinking fruit juice, coffee or tea. Consumption of water is allowed
    3. Do not involve in any intense physical activity or exercise 24 hours before the scan 
    4. The patient should be attended with an adult. Bringing children and pregnant women is strictly prohibited
    5. Carry all the scan related medical documents with you
    6. Carrying any valuable jewelry or metallic object is strictly forbidden
    7. Do not have any anti-diabetic medication on the day of PET Scan
    8. Whether the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding, inform our Nueclear staff.

    Location of PET Center in Nashik

    If you are searching for a PET Scan in Nashik, you can find it at the Sai Hi-Tech Diagnostic Center, which is located at Suyojit City Centre. Below is the full address of the Nueclear PET CT Scan Center in Nashik

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