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    PET Scan Mumbai

    Nueclear Healthcare Limited offers high-quality service of PET Scan and  CT Scans in Mumbai. Our PET Scan center at Prabhadevi Mumbai has been conceptualized with a dream of enabling and providing high-quality PET Scan services to cancer patients throughout Mumbai at an affordable rate.

    Book Full Body PET Scan in Mumbai 

    Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan) is the best molecular imaging technology that helps to determine whether cancer has spread in the body. The Nueclear PET Scan in Mumbai has a simple booking process. Just fill in the form to book the PET Scan and we’ll do the rest for you. A doctor’s prescription is necessary to get a PET scan done. 

    Facilities of PET Scan

    Nueclear Healthcare Limited, PET Scan is fitted with specialized and advanced PET CT equipment for identifying the stages of cancer and evaluating the effectiveness of a treatment regimen. Equipped with state-of-the-art machines and supplies from leading brands, NHL provides reliable PET-CT reports to physicians and clinicians in a timely manner.

    PET Scan Cost In Mumbai

    PET Scan Cost in Mumbai is ₹. 14,000 . Which is much less than the market price of ₹.25,000 plus. Nueclear is a one-stop destination for people seeking to take advantage of Full-body PET Scan services for major diseases such as cancer, heart disease, etc. The NHL center ensures that their patients achieve extremely accurate clinical results at a reasonable price.  

    Preparation for your PET Scan

    Every individual visiting our center is requested to follow the below PET Scan instructions

    1. Kindly reach the center one hour prior to the reporting time.
    2. Do not consume any solid or liquid food for at least 6 hours before your PET-Scan. Drinking water is allowed.
    3. Limit strenuous physical activity or workout for 24 hours before the scan.
    4. It is advisable to take along an adult attendant. Getting children or pregnant women as an attendant to the PET-CT center is strictly prohibited.
    5. Carry all the medical documents related to the scan.
    6. Avoid wearing any metallic objects, jewelry, or valuables.
    7. Avoid the use of any anti-diabetic drug before the scheduled appointment.
    8. Give prior updates to the staff at Mumbai center if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Location of Nueclear PET Scan center in Mumbai

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