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    Nueclear Healthcare Limited is one of the best centers for PET & CT Scan in Hyderabad focused on the integration of technologies to make the PET Scan Test affordable to help the patient’s PET scan to be used for diagnosis staging and monitoring of cancer. Our Scan center has the most advanced PET scanner which provides accurate results at an affordable price.

    What Is PET Scan? 

    PET Scan is a valuable method for examining changes and progress of the treatment for cancer patients. It is now easy to book at our Hyderabad Center. For booking appointments for the Whole-body PET Scan test, a doctor’s prescription is mandatory. Our Nueclear center has a convenient booking process. All you need to do is fill in the form to book PET Scan in Hyderabad and the rest procedure will be taken care of by our team.

    What is the PET Scan Cost In Hyderabad?

    Pet Scan Cost In Hyderabad₹ 17,000

    The same test can cost you around Rs. 20,000 or above at other centers in Hyderabad. Due to its reasonable rates and patient-centered approach, Nueclear PET Scan center has become one of the best PET Centers in India. 

    Facilities of PET Scan in Hyderabad 

    Hyderabad’s Nueclear PET-center is configured with highly sophisticated and specialized PET-Scanners that help bring cutting-edge molecular imaging technologies, for cancer diagnosis, staging, and therapy monitoring. The PET-Center has specially trained technologists to conduct PET- Scans with the utmost preventive measures and protections.

    Instructions to follow before you visit for scan 

    Kindly follow the below instructions while visiting our center in Hyderabad:

    1. Please do a report at the center one hour before the scheduled appointment time
    2. For at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time, avoid eating or drinking fruit juices, coffee or tea. Drinking water is authorized 
    3. 24 hours before the scan, do not engage in strenuous physical activity or exercise
    4. The patient should be accompanied by an adult. Children and Pregnant women are not allowed to PET scan center as an attendant
    5. Bring all medical records relevant to the scan along with the doctor’s prescription
    6. On the day of the scan, do not wear jewelry or carry valuables along with you 
    7. On the day of the expected visit, you are advised not to take any anti-diabetic drugs 
    8. If the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding, please inform the NHL staff

    Location of Nueclear PET Scan center in Hyderabad

    Looking for PET CT Center in Hyderabad? You can reach our Nueclear center, which is located in Telangana, Hyderabad. The complete address for Nueclear  Center is given below

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