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  • Blood Tests and CT Scans also available 

    PET Scan in Bangalore

    Nueclear Healthcare Limited is a well-known, Nationwide Networked of PET & CT Scan centers that delivers quality services at an affordable price. Nueclear PET scan center in Bangalore offers cost-effective and reliable FDG & PSMA scans. 

    Book Full Body PET Scan In Bangalore

    PET Scan is one of the best molecular imaging techniques used for detecting and monitoring cancer. It is now convenient to book a Whole-body PET Scan test with Nueclear PET Center has an easy booking process. A doctor’s prescription is mandatory for a PET scan. To book the appointment for the PET Scan test, all you just have to do is fill in the form and we will take care of the rest.

    Facilities of PET CT Scan 

    Nueclear PET Scan center in Bangalore is equipped with the best-of-the-class PET GE Discovery IQ Scanner which helps to determine the stage of cancer and measure the efficacy of the treatment. Our Center has highly skilled professionals who perform scans with the best preventive measures. 

    PET Scan cost in Bangalore

    PET Scan cost in Bangalore start at  16,000 at Nueclear. Which is very low from the Market rate. same test can cost you around   20,000 in the market.  Nueclear centers offers accurate and high-quality PET Scan services to cancer patients in Bangalore. NHL Center ensures that its patients receive highly accurate clinical outcomes at a fair price.

    Instructions to follow before you visit for a PET Scan 

    Before going to visit the Pet Scan center please read below instructions for the PET Scan

    1. You are advised to report one hour before the scheduled time
    2. Consumption of any solid or liquid food is not allowed at least for 6 hours before your PET Scan. Drinking water is permitted
    3. Do not perform any strenuous physical activity and exercise 24 hours before the scan
    4. It is advised to bring an adult attendant. Do not carry children or pregnant women to the PET Center as attendants
    5. Carry all the medical documents related to the scan
    6. Don’t wear or carry any metallic objects, jewelry, or valuables
    7. Avoid consumption of any anti-diabetic drug before the scheduled appointment
    8. If the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding, give prior information to the Bangalore center staff

    Location of PET Scan Centers In Bangalore

    Searching PET-CT Scan in Bangalore? You can now visit our Nueclear center, which is located at Ring Road, Hebbal, Bangalore. The complete address for Nueclear PET Scan Center in Bangalore is given below

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