Nueclear Healthcare Ltd., has a decade of expertise in diagnostics and radiology using state-of-art gadgets, skilled technicians and qualified medical professionals to provide appropriate care for the patients.

At Nueclear, we strive to serve our customers with world-class quality at affordable prices. 

With our Expertise, aiming to provide Quality Diagnosis at affordable prices.

Nueclear is equipped with cutting-edge GE Discovery IQ and GE Discovery 600 PET-CT scanners that help in early detection, staging and monitoring cancer using fusion imaging by combining both, the functional and the anatomical aspects. With a combined experience of reporting 2,00,000 PET CT Scans in the past 10 years we strive to provide affordable, accurate, and timely PET-CT scans

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Nueclear offers state-of-the-art CT imaging techniques using the modern 16-Slice CT Scanner of GE Discovery series that provide a high-quality image of bones, organs, and soft tissues. Our trained technologists conduct CT scans with utmost caution and safety keeping in mind the needs of our customers.

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