• In biopsy proven (Known cancer patients).
    • Staging/ metastatic workup.
    • Restaging/ Response evaluation
    • Surveillance
    • To look for Recurrence
    • Post RT changes vs Viable Residual disease.
  • Workup of Unknown Primary (MUO)
  • Metabolic biopsy (PET CT guided biopsy).
  • Paraneoplastic syndrome workup
  • Workup for a pathological fracture.

Non Oncological indications

  • Cardiology- cardiac viability studies.
  • Neurology- Dementia, Parkinsonism plus syndrome, intractable Epilepsy (epileptic focus localization).
  • Pyrexia of Unknown Origin (PUO) workup.
  • Prosthesis infection evaluation
  • Active vs dormant/ treated Granulomatous disease (TB, sarcoidosis).

Suspicion of Malignancy

  • Masses / SOLs in different organs on clinical examination or other investigations (eg. Lung mass on X-ray, breast lump on dig mammo, mass in abdomen-pelvic organs on USG, etc)
  • Regional / Generalized lymphadenopathy / organomegaly
  • Suspected myeloma
  • Staging workup of patients with several cancers
  • Before surgery
  • Before Chemotherapy
  • Before radiotherapy
  • Monitoring response to treatment
  • After Surgery
  • After or during Chemotherapy
  • After or during radiotherapy
  • Follow up of treated patients with several cancers

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