Powered by Thyrocare, Nueclear Healthcare Limited (Nueclear) was founded in 2011. A provider of specialty healthcare in India, Nueclear focuses on cancer diagnosis by testing, analysing, establishing and setting up diagnostic centres in the field of nuclear scanning, PET-CT scanning and radiology imaging techniques. We offer a range of comprehensive and interventional radiology solutions and assessments for a broad spectrum of ailments. Our diagnostic arena is driven by state-of-the-art imaging technologies, including CT and PET-CT scanners. We are developing a growing network of molecular imaging centres that focuses primarily on early and effective cancer monitoring. Each of our imaging centres uses PET-CT scanners to assist in cancer diagnosis, staging, monitoring of treatment and efficacy and evaluating disease recurrence. Nueclear also owns and operates a medical cyclotron unit in Navi Mumbai, which produces radioactive biomarkers such as FDG, PSMA and DOPA required for PET-CT scanning. Nueclear launched its very first centre in 2013. Within less than a decade later, we are one of the prominent players in PET-CT imaging in India. We operate one of the largest cancer care networks in India in terms of the total number of PET-CT centres licensed by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB).

At Nueclear, we value the health of cancer patients. We strive to serve our customers with the utmost care and attention while maintaining the highest quality standards prevalent in the industry.


Our mission is to enable diagnostic solutions that are affordable and reliable. We believe early and timely detection and treatment of cancer would help patients fight their ailment effectively


Our vision is to enable quality and affordable speciality healthcare for the common man across India.