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Managing Claustrophobia during the Scan

Sometimes a PET-CT or CT Scan cannot be avoided, but the thoughts of lying in a giant tube for a long time and having a full-blown anxiety attack are too much to bear if you have claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia is the fear of dark or confined spaces, also explained as the fear of feeling trapped and not finding a way out. Fear of suffocation or restriction is also associated with this phobia.

How to avoid these panic attacks? Here is the list of things you can do-

Talk to your technician-Ask questions

The more you know about the test, the less likely you will be frightened. Ask your technician to explain the details of the whole scan procedure. It does you no bad if you speak up, so if you are concerned about anything, let your technician know.

Cover your eyes

Either use an eye mask or keep your eyes closed, but do not open your eyes. Before moving into the machine, close your eyes. Try to relax or sleep. If you can keep your eyes from seeing the space you are in, you can stop your mind from running away with unreasonable thoughts.

Use a blanket

The blanket can give soothing relief. If the technician allows it, you can ask for a blanket. You might have a feeling of security and comfort when a blanket is tucked in tightly around you.

Take medication

Sometimes, no matter how you prepare for your scan, the anxiety feels too much to combat, and in that instance; consult your physician for medication that may help you to relax or ask for a sedative. These sedatives may make you sleepy. Make sure you inform the Nueclear staff that you have taken a sedative so that they are aware.

With these steps, getting through your scan with Claustrophobia won’t be an added stress. It is completely normal to feel anxious during the scan, but if it is critical and preventing you from taking help, remember that Nueclear understands Claustrophobia and they will help you in the best way possible.

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