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How to prepare for PET Scan

PET Scan preparation

Make sure that your doctor gets the right information, it is essential to prepare for your PET scan. When you schedule a PET Scan, remember that you will be informed about the different precautions and preparation tips that need to be taken before the examination. Following these points will ensure an untroubled and precise procedure.

Ideally, you should start preparing for a PET Scan 48 hours prior to the procedure.

PET Scan preparation 48 hours prior

  • Avoid any physical activity or exercise. any kind of physical activity (jogging, cycling, riding a bike, or even walking a long distance) can affect the radiotracer’s pattern and lead to a false positive reading
  • If you do any sort of activity outside of the ordinary, kindly inform your medicine technologist, so that it can be noted

PET Scan preparation 24 hours prior

  • Stick to a high protein, low-carb, no-sugar diet
  • Since a PET scan reads your sugar metabolism, consuming sugar directly or indirectly will affect the results of your scan

PET Scan preparation 6 hours prior

  • Do not consume any solid/liquid food items except water.
  • Do not consume coffee, tea, fruit juices, coconut water, or anything sweet
  • Regular medications can be taken (Do not consume any anti-diabetic medication)
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated

 On the day of the PET Scan

  • Kindly report an hour prior to the scheduled appointment time
  • Carry all the important medical records, film and/or CD of X-rays, MRI, CT Scan, PET-CT, or any other investigation reports done previously
  • Take a healthy adult along with you as an attendee. Children or pregnant women must not accompany you
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing, carry an extra pair of clothes
  • Do not wear any metallic object, jewelry, or piercings
  • Keep your valuables at home.
  • Do not wear any lotions, cream, or gel
  • Remain at our center for at least 4 hours from the scheduled time of appointment before/ after the PET- CT scan

 Precautions for Diabetic Patients Before PET Scan

 Precautions for Pregnant or breastfeeding Before PET Scan

  • Inform the center staff if you are pregnant
  • If you are breastfeeding


  • Kindly inform the center staff, if you have had an allergic reaction to any contrast dye in the past

Claustrophobic (fear of confined places)

  • If you require any anti-anxiety medication due to claustrophobia

 Unable to lie on your back

  • If you have any such problem, kindly inform the center staff, so that we can make adjustments to keep you comfortable and ensure accurate PET scan results




  1. Hi there, thanks for sharing such a great blog but I have a question in my mind. If I need more medical scans in the future, how can I decrease my overall exposure to radiation? Can you please help me out?

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