PET CT is one of the costliest gadgets and making is affordable by owning and operating is the biggest challenge. This makes many of the hospitals, especially cancer treating centers to avoid PET CT in their prognosis or charge patients high to cover the costs.

We are offering an opportunity for established hospitals which specialize in oncology or allied specialties to collaborate with us in order to provide their patients with fast, high-quality diagnostic services such as PET CT scan, CT scan and lab tests.

Benefits of associating with us:

  • No investment in buying and maintaining cost gadgets, you can outsource your requirements at the lowest prices with minimum turnaround time.
  • Give just clinical support and guidance for the patient to visit the scan centre we will take care of the rest of process from scanning to reporting.
  • You bill your patients and pay Nueclear the B2B rates.
Pet Scan Center In India