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    CT Scan Overview

    Computed tomography (CT scan or CAT scan) is a noninvasive diagnostic imaging method that is used to analyze and inspect interior body structures, anatomical structures, and detect diseases or ailments. The technology uses 3D imaging modalities to generate richer images that may be used to assess defects and malformations in any part of the body.  It generates horizontal and axial images of the body using a combination of X-rays and computer technology.


    While a normal X-ray can provide a lot of information, it might be difficult to find specific data about internal organs and other structures. A CT scan provides more information than a normal X-ray. It can display detailed images of blood vessels, bones, fat, muscles, and organs in any part of the body.


    The X-ray beam of a CT scan travels in circles around the body. This captures multiple perspectives of the same organ or structure. The X-ray data is redirected to a computer, which analyzes the data and displays it as a three-dimensional image.


    CT scans can be performed with or without the use of “contrast”. Contrast is a chemical that can be taken orally or injected intravenously to make particular tissue or organ more visible. In the case of contrast-enhanced CT scans may need you to fast for a period of time before the procedure.

    CT Scan

    How does CT Scan work?

    A CT scan is similar to an X-ray in that it produces a more detailed image. All X-ray procedures are based on the principle of changes in the number of rays absorbed by body organs, tissues, muscles, or bones, which affect the number of rays exiting the body. The same principle of changes in the amount of radiation absorbed by different body organs or tissues is used in a CT scan.

    A CT Scan imaging system is made up of a moving bed and a massive tunnel-like machine. The patient is made to lie down on the bed, which is then dragged inside the tunnel-like machine by a motor. From an X-ray source circulating in the machine’s tube, the machine emits very thin, narrow beams of X-rays. These X-rays irradiate a specific portion of the patient’s body as they travel through it.

    Detectors detect the rays that exit the irradiated region and record them as a snapshot at that exact angle. During a single rotation, many such beams are emitted and detected. The X-ray emission and detection procedure is repeated with the coordinated movement of the bed, and several photographs are captured. The images are then processed by a computer, which combines them to create a detailed cross-sectional image/slice or stacks them to create a three-dimensional (3-D) model that can be rotated and analyzed from various perspectives. To aid visualization by obtaining sharper images, patients may be given a contrast material, a liquid to consume orally, or an injection.

    How long would the CT Scan reports take?

    The reports are usually available within 24 – 48 hours or the time mentioned at the time of the scan.


    Does CT Scan need fasting or an empty stomach?

    If your doctor has recommended a normal CT Scan, fasting is not necessary. In case of a CT scan with contrast, avoid eating or drinking anything except plain water, 3 hours before the scan. If you are diabetic, have your breakfast at least 3 hours before the scheduled time and confirm with the doctor regarding regular medicine consumption.

    What is the Cost of CT Scan?

    The average cost of a CT scan is around Rs. 1,500. As compared to other scans like MRI, CT scans are comparatively low-priced.

    Should CT Scan be done for COVID?

    People suspected of being infected with COVID-19 are suggested a chest CT scan. Chest scans of COVID-19 patients demonstrate the presence of bilateral, peripheral ground-glass opacities. The same can be found in patients suffering from pneumonia that might be caused by other infections. Due to the variability, a Chest CT scan alone is not recommended as a technique for diagnosing COVID-19 infection.

    CT Scan Cost

    CT Scan cost starts from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 The cost of different body parts scans will differ.

    CT Scan NamePrices
    CT Spine – Cervical/ Thoracic/ LumbarRs. 2000
    Abdominal Scan Rs. 3500
    CT Abdomen & Pelvis Plain Rs. 4000
    CT Abdomen & Pelvis & Contrast Rs. 5500
    CT Brain Plain ScanRs. 1500
    Brain CT ScanRs. 3000
    CT KUB Plain Scan Rs. 2000
    CT KUB ContrastRs. 3500
    Neck CT Scan Plain Rs. 2000
    CT Neck Contrast Scan Rs. 3500
    CT Pelvis Plain Scan Rs. 2000
    CT Pelvis Contrast Scan Rs. 3500
    CT Brain & PNS Plain Scan Rs. 2000
    CT PNS Contrast Scan Rs. 3500
    Thorax and Upper Abdomen Plain Rs. 4000
    Thorax and Upper Abdomen Contrast Rs. 5500
    CT Thorax Plain Scan Rs. 2000
    CT Thorax Contrast Scan Rs. 3500
    CT Extremities Limb Plain Rs. 4000
    CT Extremities Contrast Scan Rs. 5500
    Orbit CT Plain Rs. 2000
    Orbit CT Contrast Rs. 3500

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