Founded in 2010, Nueclear Healthcare Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Thyrocare Technologies Limited. NHL is a market leader in PET/CT imaging in India and is creating a highly disruptive model to completely change the status quo in India. Led by Dr. A Velumani, it is creating a pan Indian network of PET/CT facilities through a first of its kind model in the world.


Nueclear Healthcare Limited values every human life and strives to serve it with utmost care and attention. We are growing steadily and sustainably along with our stakeholders due to our “2 core values” i.e.

Trust: It is the value that we are with the patients, our stakeholders and vice versa

Patient oriented: Our every action leads to optimum satisfaction to patients.

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  • For the Doctors

    Malignancies of unknown origin (MUO) – investigation to look for the primary.

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  • For the Patients

    PET CT and everything you need to know about it.

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